Management Rights

What is Involved in Management Rights?
First of all you should “surround yourself with the right people”.

Using industry specialists (agents, financiers, accountants, solicitors) should ensure you get the right advice and therefore maximise your opportunity and limit your risk. See our Links Page for contact details.

Being involved in the Management Rights Industry can be an exciting and rewarding experience whether or not you are buying predominantly for lifestyle or for maximum financial return. Current managers come from all walks of life, with over 50% having not been in the industry before. We have builders, bankers, teachers, policemen, nurses, salespeople, corporate chiefs, public servants, moteliers, farmers, and many more.

They all have at least one thing in common – all looking for a secure change of lifestyle (including not having to drive to work!).

Because of the diversity of duties involved in Management Rights (particularly in Holiday Letting), the following skills are handy within the typical Husband and Wife management team:

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